As we move into mid September, we are reminded more and more of the transitions that take place in Nature. Little-by-little, we trade in the hot, sticky summer nights for cool, crisp Autumn days. Late Summer flowers push through their last burst of color before they begin to fade, wilt and dry out. Soon the leaves will fall, leaving trees barren and the landscape much different than weeks before. In all of these changes, Nature is preparing. It’s using the entire Fall season to ready itself for its deep rest in winter.

Humans are a microcosm of Nature. As such, we see glimpses of how living beings are intended to walk hand-in-hand with Nature, easing seamlessly into its transitions. The time between Late Summer and Fall is our chance to begin to slow down, so that we can eventually ease into the restful days of winter. Take a moment to reflect upon yourself and your lifestyle. Are you able to breathe deeply, enjoying everything around you or are you continuing the fast, furious pace that you kept up in Summer? Where can you cut back so you can naturally slow down and embrace Nature’s changes in your own life?

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