Whether scrambled or served in an omelet, an egg is a powerful symbol of life and health, the perfect balance of yin and yang. One look and you’ll see: a hard-boiled egg is like a piece of art. Its creamy, yellow yolk is surrounded by a white exterior. However, over the years, eggs have gone in and out of favor. Some worry that egg yolks are high in saturated fats, and can therefore contribute to high cholesterol. Some health-conscious egg lovers have gone so far as to ditch the yolk in favor of simple egg whites. But half of the egg is only half of the equation.

Our busy western lifestyle tends to focus on the cause of a condition from the outside. However, as is often revealed to us, the answer always lies within. From the Traditional Chinese medicine perspective, we can begin to see the relationship of the egg and cholesterol from a different angle. In order for a hen to lay an egg, every condition must be met. The hen’s diet must be nutritionally balanced, and it must receive a certain amount of water and sunlight. In fact, hens lay more eggs in the Spring and Summer months because the days are longer.

Every food you eat carries the essence of Nature’s energy. Therefore, eating eggs brings the harmony of yin and yang, as well as all of Nature’s messages that have been transferred through the hen into the egg. Now picture the egg itself. Its white and yellow parts (yin/yang) are encased inside a hard shell to protect the egg from predators and breakage. This protective coating, made of calcium carbonate, is often boiled and then crushed into a powder, and used to promote good bone health.

But what about the cholesterol? We actually need cholesterol in order for the body to function at its highest level. Cholesterol is one of the signs of healthy Liver function. It gives us a sense of bravery, the ability to be fearless. Do you remember a time when you felt fearless and carefree? If you avoid egg yolks because you are afraid of high cholesterol, you are missing the message. How we choose to see and carry certain beliefs can directly influence our health. View eggs as a source of balance and healing. Always connect to the good.

TCM teaches us to look for the root cause of a problem through the signs the body is revealing. Some believe they can fix their high cholesterol by changing their diet. In adjusting the foods you eat, you may lessen or even eliminate a symptom, but did you truly fix its root cause? High cholesterol is attributed to Liver function disorder. In balancing your Liver function, your cholesterol will naturally balance as well. And as a side effect, your emotions will flow smoothly, leaving you feeling more peaceful. The body knows how to take care of itself. The answer always lies within.

Connect with the message of the egg. Whether scrambled, hard boiled, or poached atop toast, experience eggs in a new way with each delicious bite. Feed your body loving messages as you ingest yin/yang and bring balance within. From poached eggs to omelettes, and soups to authentic fried rice, you’ll find delicious egg recipes on our website.


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