"The best doctor concentrates on prevention instead of fixing disease.”  - Nei Jing (475-221 B.C.E.)


Real stories about life-changing outcomes with Dragon’s Way Qigong.

Get Healthier with Dragon’s Way Qigong®

Dragon’s Way Qigong® Changes Lives

Chelsea’s Story: Finally Free

In July 2018, I was experiencing extreme fatigue and joint pain daily. It was getting to the point where, at age 25, walking was becoming a legitimate challenge for me. I was struggling to complete many of the activities one faces in their everyday life.

Kate’s Story: Release From Back Pain with the Dragon’s Way

In July 2018, I was experiencing extreme fatigue and joint pain daily. It was getting to the point where, at age 25, walking was becoming a legitimate challenge for me. I was struggling to complete many of the activities one faces in their everyday life.

Accepting the Way of the Dragon: Alex’s Story

I began my study of the Dragon’s Way® in March 2017. At that time, I was about 320 pounds, super bloated, tired, irritable, sad and sore all the time. After a little over a year, I am down 75 pounds with 10 more to go.

Jeff’s Story: Healing the Dragon’s Way®

I was first introduced to the Dragon’s Way® at my first Building Bridges conference. I attended the conference to obtain continuing education credits that I needed for my acupuncture license renewal.

“To say I feel great is an understatement. My blood pressure has normalized, my weight dropped 16 pounds, and now I don’t feel agitated over the smallest thing. How could something so simple contain so much power? I just don’t know but guess on a repeat of the six-week program I will find more answers.”
Connie F.
“I’ve heard the words ‘natural law,’ ‘Qigong,’ and ‘yin/yang’ being tossed around, and also the word ‘Qi’ but never understood how they related to my body, my life, my health. Through The Dragon’s Way, I experienced the power of my energy, or Qi, and feel that I have a new outlook of how to care for myself. The six weeks is truly only the beginning. I now have a tool for my daily life. Thank you Dr. Lu, and thank you to your instructors for giving me my health back.”
Emily H.
“TCM was my gateway, although I didn’t know it at the time, to better health. In January of this year, my body felt as if it was finally strong enough. The less obvious results: my blood pressure is lower; in fact, my doctor took me off one medication at week 2—my blood pressure read the lowest ever in his office. My blood sugar is much more stable, which will result in a lower A1c.
 The Dragon’s Way has changed my life so completely. Practicing Qigong in the series taught makes me feel powerful, invincible! I’m ready for more! Oh, and I lost 19 pounds.”
Sarah M.
“I plan to continue the program for another 6 weeks and then evaluate my next journey.
I am truly thinking of becoming a trainer for your program although I need to work on my balance a bit more and strengthen my legs. Frank B.

, I cannot thank you enough for sharing this program. 
It has changed my life for the better forever.”
David E.
“A friend told me about The Dragon’s Way so I tried it. In two weeks I began sleeping through the night. In three weeks I had dropped 8 pounds and by six weeks I had let go of 19 pounds! The best part was the lightheartedness I haven’t felt in years. Thank you to Dr. Lu for bring this amazing program to me.”
Carla M.
“Wow! The results were unbelievable. I lost 18 pounds and began sleeping through the night. Qigong will now be part of my life forever!”
Margaret T.
“How did this happen? I can’t explain it really, but all I know is I feel better than ever before. At the age of 56 I thought my health was lost to my youth. The Dragon’s Way has given me back my ‘feel good’ body!”
Collen S.
“My biggest issue was my stress. The instructors have taught me how to release the tension in my body and to feel relaxed. Then what happened was my blood pressure returned to normal. Thanks to all my wonderful teachers!”
Tammy R.
“After just two weeks, my appetite began to shift. I wasn’t hungry and my food cravings stopped. My body was asking for warming foods instead of my usual raw vegetables. I see now how my body talks to me! Oh, and I lost 14 pounds in five weeks!”
Adam F.
“How can I thank you for bringing this unbelievable program to the U.S.? It has changed my life in such a profound way. I’ve lost weight, feel calm, smile a lot, and have lost my hot flashes.”
Merna T.
My healing journey recently led to a "fork in the road," following my first ever elevated cholesterol level. The choices were to take a statin, or my choice—TCM. Fortunately, my internist supported my need to avoid medication. I began by incorporating lessons learned from Master Lu. I strongly believed that my body had the capacity to heal itself and to correct this cholesterol level. My regimen of regular Qigong practice, Chinese herbs, healing foods, and the expert guidance of a gifted OMD, Dr. Nan Lu, and his team, buoyed my resolve. During a follow-up visit, my internist was shocked by my progress—lower cholesterol and fewer pounds! She was, however, concerned that given my medical history, my weight loss could be "abnormal" and ordered tests to confirm that I was well. I felt fine. I believed that everything was fine, but agreed to the tests. (All test results were normal!) I wanted evidence to prove that the choice I made at that "fork in the road" was not a GPS error, but a decision supported by the TCM knowledge and skills I have attained to support my own healing and wellness.
Ann Wood Washington, Ph.D.