"The best doctor concentrates on prevention instead of fixing disease.”  - Nei Jing (475-221 B.C.E.)

Certified Instructor Training

Instructor training in qigong

You are the key element in Dragon’s Way Qigong® training. Through personal transformation, you will experience the power of Qigong practice and learn how to apply ancient techniques to everyday life.

The program’s success is based on the basic tenant that everything is Qi and Qi flow is affected by everyday life. Therefore we cover all aspects of life.

Ten key Wu Ming Qigong forms stimulate the body’s innate healing ability, while Eating for Healing supports the body’s need for a healthy digestive system without diets or food deprivation.

The study of Five Element Consciousness introduces a framework to understand the body’s signals of physical and emotional imbalances. Herbal supplements, while optional, offer the body additional Qi support. Finally lifestyle is considered teaching new understandings of how to partner with the body for a happier and healthier life.

The beauty of this experience lies in your ability to teach and inspire others from a place of genuine personal transformation – the very shifts that have shaped your life.

If you are driven by the desire to assist others and have a passion for the wisdom of lineage, Qigong practice, and traditional Chinese medicine, we extend a invitation to join this exceptional program.

Instructor Training Qualifies You To:

  • Become proficient in 10 Wu Ming Qigong movements
  • Carry the essence of Dragon’s Way Qigong® through personal cultivation
  • Understand and teach how to decipher messages that the body sends on a continual basis
  • Guide clients to understand the impact emotions have on their overall well-being
  • Use healthy eating strategies for healing
  • Guide clients to apply wellness practices based on traditional Chinese medicine’s preventative theories
  • Offer classes in your community
  • Receive Grand Master Lu’s permission to energetically and spiritually carry the Dragon’s Way Qigong message

Who is able to do the training?

We attract people from a broad range of professions including nurses, body-workers, doctors, acupuncturists, social workers, psychologists, Life Coaches, Qigong instructors, and individuals seeking a new professional path. Continuing education credits are offered.

  • 30 PDAs available through NCCAOM (Acupuncturists)
  • 30 NBHWC CEs (Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches)
  • 16 ICF Credits (Health Coaches)

Bringing Five Element Consciousness to Life

Begin instructor training with three months of weekly Zoom sessions (90 minutes each)  Experiential sessions are dedicated to personal development that bring the Five Element Consciousness Framework and Qigong practice to a meaningful level of understanding. During this time you will,

  • Learn how to use the Five Element Consciousness Framework in your daily life
  • Learn how to read the body’s signals and address its needs from a positive view point
  • Learn how beliefs and emotions unbalance the body
  • Participate in serious Qigong instruction
  • Explore the healing essence of foods
  • Understand the impact of three herbal supplements

Course includes study materials and weekly homework assignments.

Bring your new understanding to life!

  • Participate in interactive and role playing sessions online
  • Refine your Qigong practices for accuracy
  • Explore how to answer common questions
  • Attend Tao of Marketing as a bonus-no cost

Training includes a kit of materials for your future classes!