"The best doctor concentrates on prevention instead of fixing disease.”  - Nei Jing (475-221 B.C.E.)

Find a Dragon’s Way Class Near You

Here is a list of Certified Dragon’s Way® Program Instructors* who will be offering classes in your area during the months of January and February. Please call them to get the details about their classes.

The Dragon’s Way is a 6-week program that includes Qigong practice, an eating plan for health-conscious individuals and tips for reducing stress.

You will feel and look energized, and you may be surprised to learn how powerful your own body really is.

*Certified Dragon’s Way Instructors have completed training under the guidance of Grand Master Lu and TCM World Foundation’s Master teachers. We encourage you to experience the transformation that happens. To learn more about becoming an instructor click here or feel free to call us at 212-274-1079.

Christine McQuade 646.450.7461 Saratoga, SF Bay Area
Beth Anesi 781.883.9950 Newtown
Jessica Depardieu 203.656.2000 Darien
Susan Freedland 917.886.4060 Greenwich
Jennifer Merdinger 312.371.9031 Evanston, Wilmette, Glenview
Larry Stoler 312.304.6055 Evanston, Wilmette, Glenview
Ann Wood Washington 773.643.3444 Chicago
Melissa Laborsky 317.989.4986 Indianapolis
Cristina Abella Rackers 917.340.9079 Sykesville
Paula Graham 302.354.1971 Elkton
Tracey Horner Burde 301.537.8868 Bethesda
Karen Lerohl Wilson 301.580.8235 Bethesda
Cheryl Pahl 413.478.8781 Feeding Hills
New Jersey
Jane Duncan 201.452.7242 Wayne
Ellasara Kling 973.669.6760 South Orange
Allison Lim 201.693.5035 Ridgewood
Randi Willow Elkin 973.699.1854 Maplewood, West Orange
New York
Corey Eisenberg 914.281.0516 Cross River
Jill Emanuele 646.765.6004 Manhattan
Susan Freedland 917.886.4060 Manhattan
Lynn Lopes 914.506.2919 Westchester
Roz Rita-Wolf 917.414.8877 Brooklyn
Edna Rodgriguez-Plate 315.399.6489 Clinton
Yasmine Saad 718.809.3703 Manhattan
Margie Szczepanski 347.834.4814 Manhattan
Shawn Tubridy 607.279.6543 Trumansburg
Angela van Zandt 407.242.5240 Brooklyn
Sandy Duncan 440.525.3331 Madison
Joseph Kessler, Jr. 440.428.8222 Madison
Lisa Crncic 814.882.8651 Erie
Paula Graham 302.354.1971 West Grove
Marlene Harding 610.247.2416 Blue Bell, Newtown
Renee Lehman 717.752.5728 Gettysburg
South Carolina
Harriett Grady 843.814.0101 Charleston, West Ashley
Tracey Horner Burde 301.573.8868 Alexandria
Kristyn Thiel 703.851.9507 Alexandria