Join Evan Rabinowitz as he teaches a method of body-awareness: tuning in to the inner landscape of the body through the simultaneous acts of listening and conscious awareness. He will discuss how in the fundamental regions of our body (the chest, the head, the pelvis) we experience different aspects of ourselves.
These body regions can be vehicles for awareness of our thoughts, emotions, and memories. Using this embodied awareness we can more easily discern the difference between the places in us that are impediments to peace​ and clarity, the places that need healing, and the places that give us access to healing.

Complimentary Webinar:

Body-Awareness as a Path to Healing: The Practical Wisdom of Chinese Medicine

Sunday, August 20, 10:00 am (EDT)

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About Evan Rabinowitz, MAC, DiplAc
Evan Rabinowitz returns again this year to Building Bridges for TCM. As a teacher and practitioner he is recognized for his deep understanding and passion for Chinese Medicine. He is the director of Chinese herbal studies at the Maryland University of Integrative Health. Evan is a longtime student of Jeffrey Yuen.
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