How do you go about studying consciousness? The key to discovering the inner workings of consciousness may actually quite simple — through observing and studying our own experiences. In this fascinating webinar, one of the world’s leading thinkers in consciousness and its role in human affairs, Peter Russell, explores the ways in which meditation and delving deeper into self-awareness can help you connect to your deeper consciousness as well as a sense of Oneness with all beings.

Our perception, our beliefs, our attitudes, how do these all deeply affect our reality? Could it be that looking at things from a different perspective, completely relaxing our thinking and stepping out of our “thinking minds”, create a shift in consciousness that allows for greater creativity, freedom, less stress, and even better health?

How do both the concepts of modern science and ancient spiritual practices reveal to us that what we observe with our five senses explains but a limited perspective of reality and consciousness, and why is this relevant to our modern lives? A revolutionary futurist and avid “consciousness scholar,” Peter Russell’s work springs not only from his extensive scientific inquiries into computer science, modern physics, and the psychology of meditation, but also from a deep examination of how these disciplines interface between and converge with major ancient spiritual practices across the world.

In this webinar, Peter Russell also explains how one can present the essence of the world’s spiritual teachings in terms contemporary to and appropriate to the world today, making them relevant and useful to modern culture. He explores the concepts of effortlessness and being present, how letting go and going with the flow of life connect you to your true nature, a state of unconditional love and Oneness, an immense source of wisdom, a knowing of how to use our knowledge, abilities and lives in ways that are to the real benefit of ourselves and others in the world.


If you enjoyed this webinar, Peter Russell will be a keynote speaker at our upcoming holistic health conference in October 2016, Building Bridges of Integration, Reston VA. Learn more and register at

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