2018: About the Conference

October 11-14

Health Consciousness: Giving Knowledge Life

This year, a strong undercurrent is heightening self-awareness—as well as acquiring Knowledge and tools for healing—to connect with Health Consciousness and know what is possible.  Where are you in this body–mind–spirit framework? 

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Consciousness have supported billions of people with a framework that understands how to honor the body’s intelligence and to prevent disease.  Today these methods are studied and applied by understanding the effects energetic frequencies can have. During this conference experience you will be guided on how to discover, experience, and use Consciousness for health.

In Quantum science, everything is energy existing in a unified field of dynamic interrelated patterns. Energy and mass are interchangeable. These concepts are similar to Qi, or universal life force, and Oneness, the multidimensional, seamless whole. Qi and Oneness became known to Chinese masters thousands of years ago, leading to the discovery of immutable natural laws and the formulation of Five Element Theory.

About the Conference

The Five Element Framework is a guide for living—seeing health as bigger than the physical level and our bodies as energy, the mirror images of our own Consciousness, and a messenger. Holistic modalities are built on this level of understanding.

Health Consciousness includes the constellation of everything that influences your well-being, including how you relate to yourself and everything around you. Everything has Consciousness and exists by meeting the requirements of natural law.

What Does the Conference Offer?

The Conference on Building Bridges of Integration for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is designed around ways to bring the whole person—body, mind, and spirit—into balance and harmony. Achieving health is different from treating symptoms. Beliefs, thoughts, memories, intentions, and emotions—even our relationship with the environment—can support or undermine health.

The program weaves together inspirational keynote talks, intimate workshops, alternative healthcare practices, Qigong and Taiji, informal dialogue with presenters and colleagues, networking opportunities, healing sessions, and eclectic exhibitors to create a dynamic learning environment. A unique, supportive consciousness and energy field are cultivated for all.

Relationship also has Consciousness and is a reflection of health. The people behind the conference are Wu Ming Qigong students and integrative practitioners. Beyond giving out registration material, they bring to the conference a level of energy and amount of care rarely found elsewhere.

What Are the Goals of the Conference?

  • Develop a deep understanding of the theoretical, philosophical, and spiritual concepts through which the established medical system of TCM operates
  • Offer insights for today’s healthcare practitioners into TCM principles, theories, techniques, and case studies as well their correlation with principles of modern science
  • Raise awareness and increase integration of TCM in the United States by defining and explicating its body–mind–spirit approach
  • Introduce protocols of prevention, care, and cultivation for self and patients that encompass body–mind–spirit medicine
  • Study the connections between consciousness, body–mind–spirit medicine, and good health

What are the learning objectives of the conference?

At the conclusion of this educational event, participants should be able to:

  • Summarize the theoretical, philosophical, and spiritual framework within which the ancient medical system of TCM operates
  • Compare the advantages of treating the whole person by restoring balance and strengthening the individual’s healing ability instead of focusing exclusively on illness or disease to improve patient care
  • Differentiate some of the positive contributions TCM could make to prevention within contemporary healthcare
  • Explain the purpose and value of self-cultivation in the practice of body–mind–spirit medicine
  • Demonstrate an ability to hold an informed discussion with patients about TCM as a complementary therapy for certain health conditions discussed at this event

Our Mission Statement

Building Bridges of Integration for Traditional Chinese Medicine seeks to offer innovative and effective ways to expand health options and improve healthcare outcomes in the United States. In a clear and comprehensive way, ancient philosophical principles and theories underlying TCM are presented with the goal of building an understanding of how anyone can apply this holistic medical system to create health and wellness. Theories, such as Five Element Consciousness, are offered as a framework to understand how emotions, lifestyle, beliefs, and environment each play a role in maintaining internal balance to sustain health or in creating imbalances that can lead to illness.

Our desire is to provide opportunities to view all health issues as internal energetic frequencies that can transform into physical issues such as pain or a mass. Without a foundation for understanding how this happens, the true relationship of body, mind, and spirit cannot be understood. Our ultimate mission is to broaden the contemporary understanding that everything is energy, all energy has a consciousness, and all consciousness has a purpose.

Organizing Committee

For the 15th time, the Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation convenes Building Bridges of Integration for Traditional Chinese Medicine. We are grateful to our conference co-chairs and our organizing committee for their guidance.


Frances L. Brisbane, PhD, Vice President, Health Sciences Work Force Diversity, State University of New York at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY

Nan Lu, OMD, Founding Director and President, Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation, New York City


Xiu-Min Li, MD, MS (committee chair), Professor, Pediatric Allergies and Immunology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York City

Stephen Cowan, MD, FAAP, CAc, Pediatrician and ADHD Specialist, Westchester Center for Holistic Families, Mount Kisco, NY

Larry S. Stoler, MSSA, PhD, Founder, Budding Spring Healing, Wilmette, IL

Michael Taromina, Esq.