Health Consciousness

“Modern science and the great traditions of the East meet to bridge the divisions that seem to separate what cannot be separated.”

— Menas Kafatos

Featured Speakers

Experience the Body from a Profound Angle

Experience a three-day immersion in a body-mind-spirit framework at the nexus between energy and Health Consciousness for healing. Deep knowledge combined with unique techniques will allow practitioners to apply Health Consciousness to healing. 

Highlights from the Building Bridges Conference

Genetically modified foods are now mainstream, pervading our daily diet. Stephen Druker, a public interest advocate, will share what he has uncovered about our food supply and what to do about it.

Qigong balances and harmonizes body–mind–spirit pathways for healing. Our continuing emphasis on Qigong practices lets attendees feel the personal shift that occurs when guiding energy through the body for specific healing purposes.

Continuing Education Credits

  • Earn up to 28.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s).
  • Earn up to 28 PDAs from NCCAOM.


October 11-14, 1018
Hyatt Regency, Reston, VA


“Anyone looking to learn how the body functions needs to be at this conference. The speakers present materials pertinent to every profession and walk of life. Thanks everyone for sharing your wisdom.”

— Nancy RN, Massachusetts

“Great conference. Amazing speakers and attendees. An openness on all levels to talk, network, and learn new techniques. Excited to go back and use what I learned.”

— Emily, New York City

“Don’t know what took me so long to find TCM World and Nan Lu. His teachings on Chinese medicine afforded me the chance to see why everything is energy. As a practitioner, I can’t see my patients in the same vein anymore. Illness is definitely beyond the physiological manifestation of disease.”

— Matthew MD, Delaware

“Bring on more! I walked into an energy gold mine and felt overwhelmed by the amount of attention to detail, attention to spirit in healing. I felt like speakers talked directly to me. This is medicine at its best.”

— Angie LAc, Virginia