In-Depth Workshops

Providing practitioners and health-seekers the tools to develop a true body-mind-spirit connection for self-discovery and healing. Your conference learning experience combines theories, interactive workshops, Qigong practices and multiple opportunities to interact with faculty.


Medical Qigong Training

Lifeforce: Tao of Medical Qigong is a classical training program under the direction of Grand Master Nan Lu. Qigong is an ancient pathway that hold one of the keys to discover your connection to nature and the Universe.  This advanced training begins at Building Bridges. Learn More


As a life coach the workshops give new meaning to my work. Energy in healing. Healing in learning. They did it all!
Marian, MS
I come back year after year and learn more, grow more and feel more confident in the tools I've acquired. Each session is great!
Blanch, OH
Truly a healing experience. I'm blown away by Nan Lu's lecture on Oneness and Universal Connections.
Torey, NY
Great group of presenters. As a medical doctor attending more sessions on consciousness in everyday life is beyond valuable. We all talk body, mind spirit but the filed for integration was never clear. Building Bridges showed me how and what.
Donald, MA