Emotions play a critical role in health and healing. It’s not possible to achieve the highest level of health if we can’t let go of old, negative emotions, thoughts and habits. These are the energetic frequencies that cause things to become sluggish, and under certain circumstances, produce Qi stagnation. Sometimes, we have a hard time getting rid of old things that once held significance. One of my patients said, “Oh, I can’t throw this jacket away. My first boyfriend gave it to me.” That was twenty years and two husbands ago!

Events in the past often involve forgiveness. Sometimes, forgiveness is difficult to achieve. Instead of struggling with this emotion, shift the way you look at it by understanding it from the spiritual level. From this perspective, there is a reason and purpose for everything you have chosen to experience in this reality. But if you have chosen to go over the same issues again and again and truly cannot let old feelings go, how will you have enough room to welcome new love, new feelings , new ideas and more healthy perspectives to enrich your life? Hillel the Elder, one of the most famous Jewish religious leaders of ancient times, asks, “If not now, when?”

You must ask yourself that question if you want to fully heal at the body, mind and Spirit levels. Taoist philosophy advises, “Let go first before you can receive.” You have to have an empty hand to be able to catch something. I encourage you to do your best and “Let it go.” If old “stuff” still bothers you, it will eventually impact you physically. Some people carry these things for a lifetime. If you find it hard to let go or be flexible, one of the quickest ways to help yourself is by changing beliefs. My advice is to find a new way to look at the same set of circumstances. Change your angle of view, because, no matter what, you are the center of your own reality.

-Grand Master Nan Lu

Excerpted from Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function

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