This past weekend was full of celebration. It began with a new moon and ushered in the start of the Chinese New Year. The weekend came to a close on Valentine’s Day, a day set aside to spread love and joy to those nearest and dearest to us. Loved ones near and far shared chocolate covered strawberries, long-stemmed roses and heart-shaped treasures. But although we send our love outward, let’s always remember to bring some of that love back in.

From the traditional Chinese medicine point of view, the Heart stores memories and links your body, mind, and spirit. Its job is to help your spirit connect to its life force. Qigong, or energy practice, sets the body, mind and spirit in motion, and asks them to communicate cooperatively to bring balance to the entire being. In harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit, the heart plays a major role.

In many Wu Ming Qigong movements, the hands are placed in prayer position. This symbolic gesture is something that has been used in many forms of religious prayer for centuries. So what is the meaning and purpose behind this form? The palms of your hands energetically represent and connect with your Heart. When you place your palms together, fingers pointing up, as if you were praying, you are connecting Heart to Heart.

Try this prayer position just for a moment, and see if you feel the connection. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Place your hands in front of your chest, palms together, elbows out, with your fingers pointing up. Now close your eyes and breathe naturally. As you hold this position, you might notice your breath slowing and your shoulders relaxing. Allow all of your thoughts to go, until you are completely mindless. and simply focus your attention on your hands and your Heart. Gently smile and feel this deep connection you are making with your own body.

Practice this self-love daily! Join us for some upcoming events, including our virtual Liver cleanse, March 21-31. Spring is just around the corner!

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