Since birth, we have developed a certain kind of consciousness that allows us to function in today’s world. Our daily life is based on our beliefs. These beliefs are not ours alone; they are influenced by every aspect of the world we live in and by society’s standards. These kind of beliefs involve mental processing, which is always based on the past, not on the present moment.

The mind keeps us very busy. It tries to understand the present and the future by analyzing past experiences. This way of thinking limits us. It forces us to look backward through a rearview mirror and to continually judge present experiences against what has already happened. Living life in this manner makes it difficult for new things to penetrate the mind and for new experiences to refresh us. Do you live in the moment? The present is the only place where we are truly alive—it’s where intuition operates.

Here’s an interesting thing about beliefs: while they are true for you, it’s entirely possible they are not true in reality. We can understand this idea by using the principle of Yin-Yang and its modern science counterpart, complementarity, which reveals the interdependent dual energies of all things. When something happens in our lives, we often focus on one side of the story or see the event from one perspective. More often than not, we choose the “negative” angle. How often have you wondered whether your pain was “something bigger” or worried that someone had gotten hurt when they hadn’t arrived on time? These energies have a great impact on our emotions and our physical health.

Nature, too, allows us to view how beliefs can focus attention in positive or negative directions. Many emergency doctors and police officers will share stories of “full moon madness”. Whether proven or not, we’ve all heard stories of the full moon’s effect on human behavior. Clearly, the moon is a powerful presence. However, does the negative effect that we hear and see simply align with our belief patterns? You choose your reality. Why not explore the other side of the full moon’s influence? Practice saying, “I am the full moon; my light shines from within.” Or “I am peaceful and calm.” Have you explored your beliefs and what your mind tells you?

Belief is a two-way street. The more open we are and ready to receive, the more capable we are to tune into positive messages and the wisdom of Nature—our best teacher. We are both processing and digesting all that we see and hear. It’s this role of digestion, this ability to process visible and invisible things smoothly that is so essential for healthy metabolism function. There are no closed-end systems in our reality; energy always goes both ways. It has to flow in and out of us.

Universal energy is also a two-way street. God, or All That Is, processes through us. We become one of the ingredients that the intelligence and consciousness of the Universe digests. In turn, our energetic frequencies feed the unconditional love of the Universe and allow it to expand its creativity. Our appreciation of Nature’s beauty nourishes the unconditional love of the Universe. Likewise, the loving frequencies of the Universe and Nature feed us. It is possible to digest everything the Universe offers. After all, you are a child of the Universe, and were born entitled to all of its gifts. However, unless we upgrade our programming, we won’t be able to take advantage of this amazing ability.


Excerpted from Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function

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