Question: What can I do to build my health in spring?

Answer: Spring is the most important season of the whole year. Take this special opportunity to practice hard and change your energy level. Look at nature—everything is growing and transforming in spring. If you plant a seed too late, the plant won’t grow; if you plant it too early, it will wither. Nature is balanced. It knows how to use the interplay of the seasons to create life. I suggest you watch nature and become aware of her messages. Then, use these messages as a guide in your own life.

This Spring, try to rest more, reduce stress, and find ways to release your stress. Watch your emotions and try to express your feelings freely.

When preparing meals, eat more foods that grow on vines like string beans, cucumbers, and grapes. Vines grow quickly, move freely and emulate the true nature of the Liver. There are many more foods that benefit the Liver like leafy greens, scallions, dandelions and broccoli rabe, bamboo shoots, red dates, garlic, goji berries, and lemon.

If you go beyond the food level you will discover your true power source in Qigong practice. Develop a quality Qigong practice by finding a qualified teacher and practice one system of Qigong everyday. Allow for additional time to practice during the spring. In this manner you will tap into nature’s gateway to Universal energy.

In my experience, most health problems today relate to a Liver function imbalance. Your tests may come back perfectly fine, but you still feel emotionally and physically unbalanced. By supporting the Liver in the ways mentioned, you will gain better health and then there is no need to stress over health concerns.


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  1. Spoken from a true Master.. Thank you!


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