“Everything is about energy. All energy is consciousness. All consciousness has a purpose. At TCMWF we will help you discover your purpose.” - Nan Lu


Ellen Schaplowsky

“The Tao led me on a merry chase with a condition that Western medicine could neither name nor explain. My path led me to a young practitioner of Chinese medicine. Over time, the treatment approach worked, but the most important benefit of this meeting was an endlessly engaging puzzle that continues to intrigue me even more today on a deeper level. In looking back, it was a classic example of “I didn’t even know what I didn’t know.” That could be true today, but hopefully the “not knowing” occurs on a deeper level. It was my privilege to help Dr. Lu plant seeds in the early days of his work communicating the extraordinary benefits of TCM, Qigong and the internal martial arts and the more amazing rewards of Taoist spirituality. The beautiful flowers that grew turned into a vibrant garden that we have tended and is now Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation.”

Vice President, Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation;
 Conference Director, Building Bridges of Integration for Traditional Chinese Medicine; 
New York, New York

As founding vice president of TCM World Foundation, Ellen Schaplowsky has collaborated with Nan Lu, OMD, on developing many of the organization’s educational initiatives and publications. She has also helped co-author his three self-care books on TCM. A longtime Qigong student of Dr. Lu, she is certified in LifeForce: Tao of Medical Qigong. Ellen also serves as executive vice president and the director of training at Ruder Finn, Inc., one of the world’s largest independent PR firms. Her extensive background includes creating reputation-building communications strategies for well-known companies, brands, and nonprofit organizations, as well media and presentation training for company spokesperson, as well as coaching for senior executives and clients.