All across the country, kids are transitioning back to school after a schedule-free summer of fun. Along with that excitement comes a bundle of other feelings that anticipation always brings: nervousness, excitement, happiness, fear, uneasiness and even a bit of stress. And this year, as we re-enter the world of “normalcy” after in-school, virtual and hybrid school days, those feelings might even be amplified. So how do you reduce all of that nervous energy and send the kids off feeling happy and peaceful?

The first stop is Energy Gate #1. This is one of the most important and powerful acupuncture points from the body’s energy meridian system. This acupoint helps stimulate the Qi of the Large Intestine, Lung and Stomach, promoting harmonious communication. Energy Gate #1 is located where the bones of the thumb and index finger meet—where the index finger bone forms a “V” with the thumb bone. Massage this point with your opposite thumb and then continue to gently massage the entire index finger bone, moving toward the first knuckle. Massaging this point allows a maximum amount of Qi to flow through the meridians.

Watch this video on using Energy Gate #1 to relieve back-to-school jitters, featuring Elena and Grand Master Lu. Then give Energy Gate #1 a try. Be sure to teach it to your kids! They can use it while preparing for a stressful exam, before practicing for a big game or show or at any other time in their lives. Giving kids simple yet powerful tools—like massaging Energy Gate #1—teaches them to become an active participant in their own health. As Grand Master Lu explains, Energy Gate #1 is a lifelong gift. You’re giving your children a tool to care for themselves. This gift is something they will always have with them, no matter how far from home they venture.

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After practicing Energy Gate #1, learn Gates 2-4. This powerful yet simple system can be transformative!
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