The Heart is the King of all organs. If the King is unhappy, a ripple effect permeates throughout the kingdom. The queen, the prince, and princess and all of the kingdom’s royal subjects feel the effect of the King’s sadness.

On the other hand, happiness spreads like wildfire! Joy, which is created from deep within, passes from one person to the next. If the King himself is happy and content, his joy is contagious. His light and peaceful spirit become the new ambiance of the kingdom.

We can think of our bodies in exactly the same way. Since the Heart reigns supreme in our bodies, a harmonious Heart will create joy and peacefulness throughout the body. In Grand Master Lu’s words, “If Happy Buddha sits inside, there will be no room for sadness.”

Now, in the Summer season—the season of the Heart—take time to create peace, joy, and harmony from within. Let peacefulness and happiness become your new ambiance.


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