7 Day Qigong & Soup Cleanse

7-Day Qigong & Soup Cleanse

Time to plug up those energy leaks, clean up your gut and get that Qi moving. We can help!

As unique energy beings, you may have overused, over-abused and overfilled your body, especially throughout the holidays. Things like have-to-dos, over-eating and over-stressing may be consuming your day. Before you know it, you’re in bed thinking or worrying about today’s problems as well as tomorrow’s. Take a break! Give your body a chance to regroup and plug those energy leaks.

Why Qigong?

Qigong practice works on the energetic body. It moves energy and helps the body find its way to balance and then harmony.  We will teach you specific Qigong movements that can be practiced well beyond these seven days for continued benefits.

Why soup?

Like a warm nurturing hug, the essence of soup helps support stomach health. The stomach loves warmth and hates cold. A steady diet of soup along with some of your favorite foods allows the stomach to relax and rebuild its natural digestive health.

Who will guide me?

Grand Master Nan Lu shares the wisdom of all the how-tos with you. In daily online video messages, you will learn specific Qigong movements and be inspired to appreciate the best of who you are.

What will I eat?

We’ve created fresh, easy-to-make recipes on our website, tcmworld.org. Use your creativity and adapt the recipes somewhat. This is not about counting calories or food restrictions. It’s about fresh, light foods that allow the body to say ahhh.

What if I don’t cook?

Cooking is one of the best forms of self-nurturing. Many people report that a major benefit of our cleanses is the new-found ability to cook!  If cooking is simply not your thing and you don’t have time, eating out and ordering in is fine too.

How do I know if I have energy leaks?

We will provide self-assessment questions to analyze your energetic expenditure patterns. By understanding how you approach foods, emotions, physical activities and even your spiritual desires you will gain a clear picture of how to best reach your highest potential.

Why an herbal supplement?

The body continually communicates with nature. By using a specific supplement during this program, your body can tap into nature’s healing essence.

Do I have to join the private Facebook forum?

No, however, most do and enjoy sharing community. Our staff can help you gain access.

When will I get the program materials?

You will have exclusive access to all materials online.  Access will be emailed 24 hours prior to the start of the program.

Here’s what you’ll get in a nutshell

  • Program launch with Grand Master Lu (January 15th phone call)
  • Private access to web pages that include:
    • Virtual Qigong lessons with Grand Master Lu
    • Daily video messages from Grand Master Lu to inspire your day
    • Links to our 7-day custom eating plan and recipes
    • Self-assessment guide to determine your energy leaks
  • Herbal supplement support
  • Access to a private Facebook forum
  • Community of like-minded, consciously aware people

Program Timeline

  • When you register, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Three days prior to the program’s start, you’ll receive a shopping list with suggested food items.
  • One day before, you’ll receive a link to a secure, password-protected webpage. This gives you special access to Grand Master Lu’s daily Qigong practice and inspirational messages.



Program Fee: $99.00

  • Herbal Supplement: $25.00. Imperial Qi can strengthen and jumpstart your immune system.  Optional, but highly recommended.
  • Ancient Herbal Soup Mix: $12.00. A blend of warming and immune boosting herbs to support your system during the winter months. Optional, but highly recommended.

Please note that all products will be mailed within 24 hours of registration.  If you register after January 10th your products may not be delivered by the start of the program.

Gift certificates now available until January 5.

Please call us so we can personalize your gift:

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People are talking about our remarkable seven-day programs.

"I’m going to keep doing the Qigong movements and reflect on the daily inspirations until the next program. My desire is to keep rolling forward and ride the wave of change!"
Don S.
“Master Lu, you touch my heart and soul.  Your words of inspiration helped me release may years of self-doubt.  Thank you.”
Debra T.
“Thanks to all who so generously developed this program.  Every angle was thought of.  For me the eating plan was a challenge because I have no time to cook, but it taught me how to order the right foods and live fresh!”
Andrea T.
“A rich program, beyond what I anticipated. This was my first time doing Qigong and I’m hooked.”
Mark M.
“Master Lu’s guidance made me feel as if I had a trusted friend with me everyday, guiding me to see the beauty within. I’m feeling lighter, and peaceful.”
Barbara S.
“I’ve always wanted to study Qigong but live in an area where there are no teachers. Master Lu I feel like you are my teacher and have shown me what to do. Qigong exercises give me the energy push I’ve needed.”
“Go for it anyone who wants to experience change! It happens without you even knowing why or when.”
“This is my fourth cleanse with Master Lu and each one touches me differently. I feel as if I’m more in touch with my feelings and am learning how to listen to the body and not my fears.”
“One week of cooking and qigong was like a vacation in a health resort. I love the foods and never thought I could make them. I did eat out a few times but was able to use the guidelines to choose my meals. This is an excellent way to live!”