Do you struggle monthly with PMS and a difficult period? You’ll be ecstatic to learn that by simply making a few lifestyle changes to rebalance your emotions and your body, you can significantly reduce menstrual cycle related symptoms – possibly even getting rid of them for good!

Contrary to popular belief, emotional and physical difficulties during your monthly cycle are not inevitable facts of womanhood. A healthy woman naturally has a symptom-free period – if you’re having menstrual difficulties, your body is signaling you that it’s overstressed and needs a good tune-up and energy boost!

Instead of temporarily covering up symptoms with painkillers or birth control pills, try these practical, all-natural ways to take care of and rebalance your body to address menstrual cycle-related issues:

  1. Visit an acupuncturist for a check-up – acupuncture, herbs, and Qigong can all effectively address women’s health issues by treating imbalances and disharmony in the body.
  1. Find healthy outlets for stress. To counteract stress’s imbalancing effects on your body, use this time-honored emotional cleansing technique: scream into a pillow, have a good cry, then laugh or smile afterwards!
  1. Whenever there is pain, there is a cold essence trapped inside. To release this cold essence add warming foods to your diet such as ginger and cinnamon.  Avoid cold or raw foods (raw fruit is ok), and dress warmly in cold environments.
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2 Responses to 3 Essential Tips to Banish PMS For Good
  1. Very helpful! As soon as I learnt about the importance of consuming warm foods and particularly warm drinks, my cycle became so much easier and I stopped experiencing cramps. Ice cold drinks really aren’t good for our bodies, especially at that time of the month.


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