P1030765adjcompressedHAPPY FALL EQUINOX! September 22 marks the official autumn equinox for the Northern Hemisphere. Today, a perfect balance exists between the lengths of night and day, yin and yang. The equinox is a great time to think about your own balance–work/play, rest/activity, family/self.

It also heralds the beginning of the cooler season. This is a time of turning inward and starting to conserve energy for the coming colder months.

Chinese Medicine’s Five Element Theory associates the energetic vibration of Autumn with that of our Lung and Large Intestine organs. Quite literally, the Lung and Large Intestine continually expand to “take in” air or processed food. They contract to “let go” of what we don’t need, which would become toxic to our bodies! A good question to ask yourself: What do you need to take in and also let go of at this time? The trees naturally let go of their leaves in the fall to conserve energy during the winter months. Likewise, getting rid of you don’t need is as important as being able to store what we do truly need to nurture ourselves.

Tips to help you strengthen your Lung and Large Intestine Function.

Tip #1: PRACTICE. An imbalance in one of these organs may present itself physically with skin issues, allergies, constipation, coughing, colds, or asthma problems. Step up your Qigong practice during the Equinox and throughout the fall season. This video will guide you through our most powerful movement, The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth.

Tip #2: EAT HEALING FOODS. The Lung and Large Intestine often suffer from being too dry, which causes the symptoms mentioned above. Eating the following foods will support this organ pair: pears, roasted almonds, honey, chickpeas, white sesame seeds, celery, mint. Find delicious recipes like Baked Pears or Crunchy Chickpeas on the recipe section of our site. You can also try a simple and tasty herbal tea called Magical Ginger, specially designed to boost your immune system and prevent colds during this time.

Tip #3: OUT WITH THE OLD. If your closet or house is packed to the brim with things you no longer regularly use, practice letting go. Take some time to clear out the old to make room for the new, or just make room, period! While you’re in the midst of your fall clean-up, see what stressful or negative emotions you can let go of in your life. Release grudges, worries, and negative thoughts. They only serve to hold you back.

Here’s more that you can do.  7-Day Journey to Immune Health.


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