Finding a Qigong Master

Finding the right teacher and system is really more of an art than a science. Because Qigong is such a powerful energy practice, great care should be given to selecting a teacher or school. This process is not made easy by the fact that there are literally thousands of systems.

The teacher is the link between the system and the student. He or she guides the experience of energy movement in the student’s body. The process of rebalancing energy and opening blockages can sometimes create physical, mental and emotional states which may need monitoring, interpretation and explanation by the master. A certain level of experience is necessary but most significant is the master’s level of understanding. The student might ask himself or herself the following questions:

  • Does this master have a deep understanding of the body’s energy system?
  • Is there a resonance with the master or what is sometime characterized as an “instantaneous connection” which is necessary to form a true bond?
  • Most importantly, do you have a deep faith in the old adage, “When the student is ready the master appears”?

» Question from student to master.



Selecting a Qigong School

When looking for a Qigong school or a place to study Qigong, try and observe the spirit of the school with these questions as a focus:

  • What does it look like? (Is it a place that is lovingly maintained?)
  • Are there many students there? (Be aware that bigger is not always better.)
  • How does it feel to be there?
  • Do you get a feeling of compassion and connection there?
  • Do the students take their practice seriously?
  • Do they leave right away after class?
  • Does the school have a focus in service or helping the community?
  • What does your intuition say?

“Individuals cannot be mass produced.”

“He who knows does not say; he who says does not know.”  —Tao Te Ching