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The Dragon’s Way®

The Dragon’s Way® is a unique six-week weight loss and stress management program designed to bring your body back into balance. It includes an exercise routine, diet program, life style tips and herbal supplements. Chinese medicine views excess weight and various health issues as a sign that the body is out of balance. Through the Dragon’s Way program you can learn how to reconnect with your body, “hear” the powerful messages intended only for you, and connect to your body’s innate ability to heal itself.

There are no secret diet pills, no starvation plans, no sweaty exercise routines, only simple Wu Ming Qigong movements, an eating for healing plan, and positive lifestyle changes that anyone can do anywhere, anytime. If you are overweight, or have health issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, feelings of stress and anxiety, or suffer from lower back pain, then your body is sending you signals that your life is out of balance. The Dragon’s Way® can help! New sessions begin every six weeks.

Join the thousands of people just like you who learned to manage their stress and weight from home, using our book, DVD and CD. Everything you need to do the program, including the herbs, is available in our online store.


The Dragon’s Way® Instructor Training

Are you drawn to making your life’s work about helping others discover health and happiness? Do you want to learn how and why the ancient masters were able to tap into the unlimited wisdom of the Universe? Has Qigong practice or eating for healing been an interest you want to pursue?  If so, maybe now is your time to study with us and become a Dragon’s Way® Instructor. Using the ancient principles of traditional Chinese medicine with a strong focus on Wu Ming Qigong practice, The Dragon’s Way® has helped thousands of individuals rebalance their bodies and regain health.

Join a growing team of instructors nationwide and help us build a strong program network to meet the increasing demand for this powerful self-healing program. Class size is limited and applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis.


Dragon’s Way® Deep Dive

This weekend retreat offered by program developer Nan Lu is intended to take participants who have journeyed through the Dragon’s Way program to a higher level of practice and ultimately better health. Knowing how to practice well and how to maintain a high level of energy flow is the next step in your Dragon’s Way® journey! Qigong is the most powerful tool you can use to change your life. Combine qigong with intuitive eating and life style changes and you will discover a whole new you!


Building Bridges Webinar Series

Discover the benefits of applying TCM’s practical holistic wisdom to health and wellness. Join us as Building Bridges faculty members speak about various health and healing topics that we can all use in our every day lives.


Three-Part Educational Series with Dr Nan Lu

Why do so many of today’s challenging and chronic health issues respond so well to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)? What is the source of the infinite wisdom of this unique medical system? What is its relationship to the science of modern giants like Albert Einstein? The answers to these provocative questions, and more, become clear when you understand the fundamentals of TCM, and the body, mind and spirit levels on which they can be applied. View details for this training.


Breast Cancer Prevention Project

True prevention to support breast health is an active, life-enhancing process. From the Chinese medicine perspective, true prevention can only be gained from a strong internal energy system and organ systems that are in balance and work together in harmony. The Breast Cancer Prevention Project is an educational initiative created to provide all women with this vital information. Visit for a trove of invaluable healing wisdom. You can also purchase our book and companion DVD from our online store.


Wu Ming Qigong for Breast Health: One-Hour Class

Stimulating energy flow through the breast area is a powerful means of preventing breast issues such as breast tenderness, breast lumps and breast cancer–related issues. Regularly practicing a specific series of Wu Ming Qigong movements will help support your breast cancer prevention program. Classes run periodically throughout the year. Check our Calendar for exact dates and times.


Wu Ming Qigong for Breast Health: One-Day Training Workshop

Sharing the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine’s approach to women’s breast health issues is a goal of TCM World Foundation. We have developed a one-day training workshop that will equip you to demonstrate and share with women the seven powerful Wu Ming Qigong exercises for Breast Health in your practice or community. Empowering women with self-care techniques is a step toward true wellness care.


Finding Freedom Weekend Retreats For Women

Reenergize and reinvigorate your spirit! Take time to care for yourself, acquire a renewed sense of well-being, and reconnect to your natural gifts. This weekend retreat will help you peel off layers of stress and get in touch with your playful side. Step into a relaxing circle of self-discovery and awareness. Practice Wu Ming Qigong throughout the weekend and jump start your natural healing ability.