Breast Health

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Each life has its own unique purpose; the ultimate goal is to achieve one’s destiny and enjoy life fully. Everything that happens in your life always has a positive reason and a good purpose—even breast cancer.

Today, we know that the human body routinely produces cancer cells. Just as routinely, the body’s innate intelligence extinguishes these cells without external help. That same intelligence or consciousness also allows cells to express themselves fully for a purpose. Why do some cells become cancerous? Why do some join with fellow cells to form masses or tumors that turn cancerous? Why does cancer run amok in the body causing serious illness and even death? When it comes to eliminating cancer we might be looking at the wrong end of the telescope.

While it’s critical to address the symptoms of breast cancer, we believe it’s equally critical to identify its root cause. The answer is always unique and individual. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), addressing the purpose of cancer can offer far more promise. The ultimate purpose doesn’t lie within the cells themselves, but with the spirit that animates cellular life.

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If there is a disconnection from the spirit’s special purpose in a woman’s life, the intricate relationship between the body, mind, spirit dimensions of her being can become disturbed, negatively impacting her health. Thoughts and emotions are powerful vibrations that can also set the stage for disease. Because body, mind, emotions and spirit are so intimately connected, emotions that are chronically held or intensely experienced can ultimately unbalance overall health. It’s natural to have a range of emotions; it’s unnatural to hold onto them. The key point is to let them go, let them flow.

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