"The best doctor concentrates on prevention instead of fixing disease.”  - Nei Jing (475-221 B.C.E.)

Spring 2017 Training Begins April 27-30

Phase 1: Immersion Experience
An intensive immersion in the self-healing principles of The Dragon’s Way®.

April 27-30: Four-Day Training Intensive
Instruction in Dragon’s Way Qigong, healthy eating and Five Element Theory begins.  Held at our retreat house in the Catskill mountains, (New York State) this session lays the foundation for future success as an instructor.

May-June: Six-Week Dragon’s Way Self-Healing Journey
All instructors-in-training experience the program independently. Requirements: One hour of Qigong practice per day; weekly assignments turned in via e-mail and teleconference sessions.

Phase 2: Developing The Dragon’s Way® Teaching Skills
Develop and practice teaching-skills that will help you grow into an effective and inspirational instructor.

June 23-25: Three-Day Training Intensive
Return to the Catskill training and retreat house for energy assessment and skill enhancement.  During this time we will begin training on how to run your own Dragon’s Way program.

July-October: Long distance training via teleconference and Skype sessions.

Phase 3: Teaching a Pilot Program
All instructors-in-training teach pilot Dragon’s Way® programs in their communities.

Upon permission you will begin the most exciting phase of your training, the teaching practicum. You will run your own pilot program, teaching the 6 week Dragon’s Way in your community (two pilots required). During this phase you will receive continued support, including ongoing teleconference calls. 

Phase 4: Certification and Transforming Your Teaching Potential

September 14-17: Attend Building Bridges of Integration Conference.
Attend the Instructor Training track at the Building Bridges conference in Reston, VA. The conference is an annual meeting venue for the certified Dragon’s Way Instructor community. Registration to the conference is included in your training fee.

Phase 5: Continued Development and Re-Certification
Certification is a milestone in a life-long journey of accessing your own healing abilities and helping others access theirs. Once certified, you will be a part of a growing community of teachers and students who continue to learn and grow through ongoing workshops and retreats. Re-certification is not mandatory at this time but yearly attendance at one TCMWF weekend workshop is highly recommended for your continued personal and professional growth.

Financial Information and Application

Training fees: $2,400.00

Room and board for two intensives: $850.00

Program materials: $650.00

54 PDA’s Pending NCCAOM approval.

$3,900 is the total cost of your training and includes room and board at both intensives as well as instructional and teaching materials and full registration to the Building Bridges Conference.  

Monetary Rewards

Your financial gain is entirely up to you. Our goal is to share this extraordinary self-healing program through as many qualified instructors as possible. We do not ask for royalties, just that you follow the program guidelines and charge $199 for a six-week class.

Basically, once you have taught 20 people, your initial investment in The Dragon’s Way certification program is recouped. Thereafter, your income depends on your passion and your desire to teach.

Beyond Monetary Rewards

Beyond the monetary rewards are your personal benefits. You have now become certified, which means an entire lineage of masters stands behind you ready to support your work.



To be considered for The Dragon’s Way Instructor Training program,  submit the attached application along with a nonrefundable $35.00 application fee.