Self-Healing Programs

Events are held at 34 West 27 Street, 12th Floor, New York, NY, 10001, unless otherwise noted. For questions about our programs, please call 212-274-1079.

June 29: Metabolism Function and The Mind

We are pleased to present thought leaders from various disciplines who will share their perspectives on Oneness, Consciousness and Everyday Health, the focus of our Building Bridges Conference.

  • June 29, 7:00 p.m. (EDT) Second is his series of talks, Grand Master Lu will discuss the affect the mind has on metabolism function.   Register now.

This event is free but you are required to register to receive the conference access codes. If you cannot attend live, a copy of the recording will be emailed to you.

July 17-24: 7-Day Taoist Qigong Journey to Heart Harmony

You will definitely want to participate in this program! The Heart is viewed as the king of all organs and is energetically aligned with the summer season. Nurturing the Heart during the summer with an energetic practice as profound as Qigong, and following a farm-to-table eating plan complemented by daily inspirations from Grand Master Lu is the perfect body, mind and spirit program. Learn more.

September 22-25: Dragon's Way® Instructor Training Begins

This intensive training is based on in-depth study of Chinese medicine practices. The intention is learn how to unlock the hidden potential of the body’s wisdom.  This program is for anyone who wishes to teach the Dragon’s Way program in their community or private practice. Learn more.

September 12: Dragon's Way Six-Week Session Begins

This powerful program will allow you to transform your life by learning how to practice Wu Ming Qigong, following a new and specialized eating plan, and integrating simple techniques for dealing with everyday stress. Registration opens in August.

October 13-16: Building Bridges for Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference

Oneness, Consciousness and Everyday Health, The Building Bridges of Integration Conference is back!

Here’s a sneak peak. The conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency, in Reston, Virginia. Guest presenters include, Nan Lu, OMD, Peter Russell, Eben Alexander, M.D., Stephen Cowan, M.D., Thea Elijah, LAc.

When facing illness or disease, it’s easy to forget about oneness. It’s seems logical to devote resources to the challenges at hand. Our culture has programmed us to mistake parts for the whole and to see symptoms as the root cause. Without an approach grounded in oneness, we miss vital clues that spirit continually sends. What are we missing? The fundamental understanding of the interrelationships of body, mind and spirit. Full details here.

October 13-16: LifeForce Tao of Medical Qigong

Training in LlifeForce Tao of Medical Qigong is a remarkable experience which requires commitment and physical endurance. Interested parties should call the center to discuss details and obtain an application.  Medical Qigong training begins at the Building Bridges conference which offers Medical Qigong students the opportunity to interface with multiple faculty members who recognize the role of energy in healing.  Additionally, incoming Medical Qigong students will interface with advanced students and begin formal training learning various energy psotures.  For more information, please call Elaine at 212-274-1079.

November 6-13: 7-Day Taoist Fall Cleanse

During the fall season, leaves are dropping from trees and nature’s energy is preparing to turn inward to rest. This is the perfect time to follow natural law and drop anything unwanted in your life.  It’s the natural cycle of life to drop, refrain, and then grow again.  We will use this essence to stimulate you body, mind and spirit. Program will include daily Qigong practice, seasonal eating plan and best of all messages from Grand Master Lu to guide you on this journey.  Registration will open in October.